As a Car Rental Company, Bidvest Car Rental, a division of McCarthy (Pty) Limited (Registration Number 1991/003245/07), are legally obliged to comply with SANRAL requirements and therefore an e-tag has been fitted to all our vehicles.

Please always check that there’s an e-tag device attached on the front windscreen usually behind the rear-view mirror.

When passing through the gantry, the e-tag device beeps, which indicates that it is working. Should the unit not beep or beeps three times when passing through a gantry it is defective and must be reported to your nearest Bidvest Car Rental branch immediately so that we can ensure that a replacement device is arranged for the vehicle.


1. You will be billed according to the Government Gazetted Tariff for registered e-tag users.

2. Bidvest Car Rental will cap your e-toll charges in any month (or part thereof) to the SANRAL maximum of R266.00 for Class A2 – light vehicles excluding the additional 20% administration fee.

3. Should your rental extend over two months, new charges will accumulate in the second period up to a total value of R266 for Class A2 light vehicles. We are guided by SANRAL’s calendar month (1-31).

4. Should you change your vehicle for any reason, charges will accumulate on the replacement vehicle and your capping opportunity may be compromised.

5. The Bidvest Car Rental e-tag must not be removed or damaged, if one is removed, lost, stolen or damaged a penalty of  R1000.00 will become payable by you and the tag will be blacklisted with SANRAL immediately.

6. Please note the R266.00 capped rate for Class A2 light vehicles excludes conventional toll plazas (i.e. non Gauteng Open Road tolling gantries). Please refer to www.sanral.co.za/e-toll for the gantries that are excluded.

7. D2D and Chauffeur transfers within Gauteng: A R20.00 levy for e-tolls will be charged per transfer.

8. Coach hire: E-toll charges will be calculated at time of quotation according to the itinerary given.

9. For delivery and collections fees: Bidvest Car Rental reserves the right to charge the customer for the e-tolls, charged at the Government Gazetted tariff for registered e-tag users incurred between the closest branch and the delivery or collection point.

Bidvest Car Rental will receive a daily “transaction” file one day in arrears from SANRAL detailing all e-toll gantry transactions, which will be uploaded onto our system.

The e-toll charge disclosure on your invoice will reflect the accumulated value under the product rate with a detailed billing of the e-toll charges incurred with the applicable date and time reflected for ease of reference of each gantry passed while on rental

In addition to the actual e-toll charges Bidvest Car Rental will levy an additional 20% administration fee on your total toll fee which is used towards managing the infrastructure and administrative support required in managing the toll collections and payments to SANRAL.

Any applicable toll charges received after finalisation of your rental agreement will be invoiced as a Late Charge and the applicable method of payment on the Rental Agreement will be billed for this purpose.

Should delays occur within the SANRAL network, charges incurred during your rental period will be billed once received. Therefore you may receive multiple late charges which are unfortunately out of our control.

Our refund time is within 7 days from vehicle return date.

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